Didn’t Finish Diaries: Minisodes

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Didn't Finish Diaries! Any long time readers would know that I haven't done one of these for a while. That's for a few reasons. One is that I've been reading and watching better stuff and I've actually been finishing things. Another is that I've been busy reviewing those things … Continue reading Didn’t Finish Diaries: Minisodes

Spotlight: “I Break Like a Fever” by Desiree Dallagiacomo

Poetry Month Spotlight: I Break Like a Fever--Desiree Dallagiacomo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L_Qbs4nmmA Desiree Dallagiacomo's poem "I Break Like a Fever" is a masterclass in wordplay and expert reading and great writing. It is beautiful, confessional and emotional. It inspired a few pieces of my own as well, but I keep returning to this poem year after year. … Continue reading Spotlight: “I Break Like a Fever” by Desiree Dallagiacomo