Hi there friendos, dears and queers.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve called you all here on this dark and stormy night (it’s always a dark and stormy night on the internet). Well, it is because I have something to reveal. Am I going to reveal a terrible crime? Am I going to expose some awful truths about society and anime? Or am I going to announce that I am dramatically quitting blogging and the internet entirely and move to an uninhabited island in the Salish sea?!

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you feel about true crime) I am not here to do any of that. I am just here to announce that I’m moving to a different blogging schedule.

It’s not you, it’s me. I love you folkx. You’re the best. It’s that my life outside of the internet is changing soon. When I started seriously blogging, waaaaay back when, I was in school, but I didn’t have a permanent job, and my future in grad school was uncertain. Now, I have a permanent job, and I have secured a practicum. There is an end in sight to grad school. I’m going to have a lot of responsibilities really soon, not to mention a thesis to write (which I am NOT excited for).

When I started blogging again I was also at a different place in my writing. I was stagnating and blocked and I hated everything I wrote. I couldn’t make myself write more than a few hundred words a week. Now I’m writing a few hundred words a day. I still hate everything I write, but slightly less now. Beyond just writing every day, I’m full of ideas for projects, and for branching out to video platforms, and for things to self publish and…..there just isn’t enough time for everything.

Long story short is that I’ll be moving to posting long form content once a month while I focus on moving my other ventures forward. My goal is, while I’m going to be giving you less content, it is going to hopefully be high-quality, well researched, well thought-out content. I may post something every once in a while outside of the schedule, but that’s how things are going to be around here for the foreseeable future. If you want to jump ship now, I understand. But, if you want to stick around to see some deep dives, crime stories and over-educated pretentious drivel….welcome to the show.


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Elka Scott writes short and novel-length fiction as well as poetry. She studied creative writing and psychology at university and is currently working to become a creative writing therapist. Elka lives in Saskatchewan and recently received a grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board to write her first graphic novel.

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